Call me Kitty. Send me prompts, please? Uhm, Cis-Female. (She/Her) I'm Meg 1.0 on this lovely person's fandom family which is fitting I think because wow blonde and sassy, but also i post more quality supernatural here. (My SPN here is basically destiel smut and funny stuff.)

I'm not cute. I really mean that, too, I'm absolutely not cute at all. So stop calling me cute. I just like cute things and sometimes I accidentally call myself cute but don't believe it because I am not cute. If you need help with self harm or suicide or any issue I can't give you help for professionally, I have links in my 'Junk' tab that will help you. If you're looking for general advice, that can be found there as well. One time I decided my middle name was dumb and changed it to Bernedette. I'm a feminist and I love to rant and reblog rant-y posts. My feminist-views also get me into a lot of trouble with my teacher, who hates every single essay I write. I'm currently reading The Happiness Project, The Science of God, Giant George, and Tilt. I'm a roleplayer and I do NSFW/or whatever you want to do idc so if you want to roleplay, just message me, please. I normally do roleplays on skype but I'm willing to do one on my old roleplaying blog (which is now for anime appreciation and writing). My fandoms include superwholock, Invader Zim, Disney, and much much more. I read a lot of Invader Zim fanfiction though, and ZaDR was my first ship so I’m very attached to it. (I roleplay a lot of ZaDR.) I look like this:

I’m not very pretty so please don’t talk about my appearance, especially not to insult me. I do enough of that. My sister looks a whole lot prettier. Uhm, there’s not a lot really to say about me. I like cats, but if I am put in the same room with a cat for more than .5 seconds I have a severe allergic reaction. (Which mostly involves me sneezing and coughing a lot, while my eyes turn red and puffy, and I refuse to stop petting the damn thing.) Once I went on a trip with my boyfriend and we slept in a room that belonged to 3 cats, and when I got home I had a “cold” for a month. Speaking of boyfriends, I have one, and he’s a super cute ginger. Personally I’m demisexual but that doesn’t matter, most people probably don’t even consider that a sexuality. I never want to leave my boyfriend, anyways. If you want to know anything else please just ask.

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Sep. 7th
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